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Wooden Wicks 木製燈芯 Size S & M

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Origin of Manufacture USA

Specific Dimensions
Small -  Width 0.6cm x Length 13cm
Medium - Width 0.9cm x Length 15cm

Material All Natural Wood

Recommended Wax & Soup
Small -  Paraffin, Soy wax / Tealight or Container with 4cm Diameter (Soy Wax standard)
Medium - Paraffin, Soy wax / Container with 5~6cm Diameter (Soy Wax standard)

If using GW464 or Nature Wax C-3, please use L size wooden wick for 7oz container.

Product Characteristic
The sound and the smell of Wooden wicked candles create a different experience to the user. The surface area of the wooden wicks is larger than other wicks, so the wax drippings are formed faster, causing faster fragrance emission. Pleas keep in mind wooden wicks do not perform as well with high viscosity leveled wax. Adding a little bit of paraffin will encourage stronger crackling sound.

Candleworks' wooden wicks have two layers. Please do not separate the layers. If the layers are spearated, you can put the two layers face to face and insert into the sustainer. Please also make sure the tip of the wick is not so far from the surface of the candle for proper use.

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