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Wood Aroma Lamp

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Overall width Length about 9.5cm, Height about 12.5cm (including bowl)
Bowl Diameter about 8.5cm, Bowl Height about 3.5cm
Material Bamboo, Ceramic

- It is a Wood Aroma Lamp that allows you to easily enjoy aromatherapy.
- Allow the lamp (as well as a bowl) to cool down after use.
- Be cautious as they are very hot after use. Pouring water may cause damage. 
- Ceramic bowls are packed in a buffer and shipped safely packaged.

"Use essential oils more effectively with aroma lamps.
Pour water into a concave ceramic bowl and drop essential oil,
or melt two or three pieces of wax tart for aromatherapy.
The ceramic ball has enough depth
that it does not need to be replenished water frequently.
A few drops of essential oil are enough to be fragrant for 1-2 hours." ;-)

Modernize the space with wood and white that match the soft light.
Enjoy a beautiful night's sleep with aromatherapy!