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White Beeswax Pellets

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Country of Origin Netherlands
Form Beads
Material Natural Beeswax
Primary Use Container Candle, Pillar Candle
Recommended Wick White Cotton Wicks, Smokeless Wicks, Wooden Wicks (Recommended for a lake that is two steps higher than soy wax)
Melt Point 150℉ (65.5℃)
Pour Temp 80~85℃
Fragrance Load 10%

- 100% natural bleach of refined yellow beeswax by exposing to natural sunshine. (NO artificial)
- 100% natural wax is suitable for making natural candles. can smell the beeswax and it is ivory-white in color.
- Less contraction and longer burning time compared to Paraffin.

This product is natural refined Beeswax by exposing natural refined beeswax to natural sunshine in order to do natural bleaching as much as we could.

It is a natural, unrefined beeswax that does not use any pigments or undergo other chemical processing.
The unique characteristics of beeswax's viscosity and elasticity are almost intact.
It is great to add colors to beeswax in the form of beads or to make various candles.