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Thick Willow Sticks (6mm x 40cm)

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Size:6mm x 40cm
Material:Willow Tree
Composition:10pcs / 1set

- Willow sticks may have a weaker scent than fiber sticks.

- For the excellent scent, dip one side of the diffuser stick in a solution and putting the opposite side after taking off the stick.

- Spreading scent would be different strength, depending on the number of the sticks.

- If the solution does not decrease, please replace the diffuser sticks.
(We recommend that you change the diffuser stick after using it for about 2 to 4 weeks.)


"A willow diffuser sticks 6mm x 40cm
stands out in a natural shape and clean body line.

As it is a natural material, there may be some cracks
or a diameter difference of about 2mm.
It is a more natural feeling as the diameters are different
from the standardized size diffuser stick.

Give your home a more natural look with the interior item Willow Sticks! ;-)"