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The Noir 29 (Le Labo Type)

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Scent Note  Woody Aromatic
Blending Note  TOP NOTES : Bergamot, Fig, Bay Leaf                  
MIDDLE NOTES : Cedar, Vetiver, Musk                  
BASE NOTES : Hay, Tobacco
Recommended Use  Perfume, solid perfume, room spray
Suggested Environment  bedroom, powder room, bathroom
Form Transparent Liquid (Depending on the type of fragrances and every restock, color can vary by a little.)
Flash Point  >200℉ (93.3℃)
Possibility to Mix Perfume Base  YES
Possibility to Mix Jojoba Oil  YES
Possibility to Mix Gel Wax  YES
Scent Strength  Weak / Middle / Strong
Scent Heat Resistance Low / Middle / Strong
Scent Lasting Short / Middle / Long