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Orange Achillea Pressed Flower (15pcs/pk)

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Size Length about 7cm, width about 1.5~2cm
Composition 15pcs/pk
Material Orange Achillea

- Great for decorating candles or wax tablets.
- When storing for a long time, be sure to store it in a cool place without moisture.
- Use tweezers as the pressed flower is fragile and easy to tear.
- Orange Achilles has more than one flower per stem.

** Due to the nature of natural products, please understand that the size and color of flowers, leaves, and stems may vary depending on the harvest time.

"Here is a Pink Achillea Pressed Flower that the edge of the leaf looks like a sawtooth.
The Pink Achillea Press Flower series consists of pink, orange colors.
Usually, more than one flower per stem.
Having the meaning of "healing" pretty flower language

Pressed flowers are suitable for pillar candles and wax tablets,
and you can create antique sensibility with English vintage paper.

It is often used as a prop for photography in a vintage mood,
and for candles designed with pressed flowers,
please remove the pressed flower before burning candles."