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Natural Cypress Cube

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Size:Width about 9mm, Length about 9mm

- It is good to store in a shade that is not humid and has good ventilation.

- Depending on the storage condition, sticky tree saps may come out, but since not harmful, remove them with a wet towel or wet tissue and use them

- Making cypress cube air fresheners, recommend 10 to 15% fragrance mixing ratio.

**With the phytoncide of hinoki and the scent that fills the space, can enjoy a comfortable and cozy rest.
Has excellent antibacterial and sterilizing effects, so can be used as hinoki trees themselves,also can enjoy it longer by adding a hinoki scent.

Add various scents of essential oil or fragrance oil, let it ripen for about a day to be absorbed into the pores of the hinoki cube for use as an air freshener.
Recommend to use it in a Tincase or an Organdy Pouch. ;-)**