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Narcissus 水仙花

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Scent Note  Floral
Blending Note  TOP NOTES : California Lemon, Green Tea
MIDDLE NOTES : Narcissus, Water Lily, Pink Peony, Muguet
BASE NOTES : Iris Petals, Baby Musk
Recommended Use  Diffuser, Room Spray, Perfuem, Fabric Mist
Suggested Environment  Bathroom, Powder Room, Bedroom
Form Transparent Liquid (Depending on the type of fragrances and every restock, color can vary by a little.)
Flash Point  >200℉ (93.3℃)
Possibility to Mix Perfume Base  YES
Possibility to Mix Jojoba Oil  YES
Possibility to Mix Gel Wax  YES
Scent Strength  Weak / Middle / Strong
Scent Heat Resistance Low / Middle / Strong
Scent Lasting Short / Middle / Long


Usage and Grade 
Fragrance Oil for Candle Making (Soy Wax/Paraffin/Palm/Beeswax/Etc.)

IFRA Safety Test Results 

List of Available Items 
Cleaning Products: Soap (Solidity/Liquid), Body Cleanser, Shampoo, Conditioner, Face Cleanser, Kitchen and Laundery Detergent, Etc.
Baby Products: Lotion, Powder, Water Napkin, Etc.
Cosmetic Products: Facial Cream, Color Makeup, Nail Care, Facial Mask, Etc.
Perfume and Air Freshener: Solidity/Liquid Perfume, Diffuser, Fabric Mist, Etc.
All Kinds of Products Untouched on Skin 

Unavailable Item List 

Cosmetic: Lipstick, Lip Balm
Mouth: Gargles, Toothpaste 

*This Safety test is intended to verify the skin contact safety of the fragrance oil itself,

and is not the result of a compatibility test for each application and specific recipe. (Mixing possibility and product deterioration, etc.)

Please keep in mind all fragrance oils and natural essential oils can vary depending on your taste and, once purchased, are not eligible for refunds. This is Candleworks' policy to provide the purest form of fragances to every customer.    

This is because we do not sell the returned product to others for the purity of the oil.

Since it is manufactured for Candleworks' bases (perfume base, diffuser base, etc.), there may be unforeseen incompatibilities when used with other companies' products.
Please test it with a small purchase of 20ml whether it is suitable with your bases or other products, before buying a large quantity.