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Modigliani Portrait (Frederic Malle Type) 女人的自畫像

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Blended with...
Oriental rose, red berries
Cinnamon, sandalwood, violet petals
Benzoin, musk, frankincense, patchouli

Inside this fragrance,
there is a lady.
How old is she?
Is she alone or with many?
Is she happy now?

Inspired from Frederic Malle's Portrait of a Lady.
Try to imagine above questions and answer while trying this fragrance.
Perhaps you may find why this fragrance has a name as such.

This fragrance has velvety rose and a hint of patchouli notes.
Turkish rose heightens gallant feel to it.
Recommeded to those who love smokey aroma.

 Please note that the ingredients of this fragrance are very expensive ingredients, including essential oil.***

Scent Strength*




Scent Heat Resistance*




Scent Lasting*




*Scent Strength: Scent Strength is a level of instant stimulus olfactory sensory. It is different from Scent Sustenance.
*Scent Heat Resistance Level: Fragrances with high Heat Resistance Level does not volatize even when wax’s temperature is high. Fragrances with low Heat Resistance Level tend to have a disadvantage against heat.
*Scent Lasting: Scent Lasting is determined by long remaining in the surrounding.

Manufacture Origin:
Fragrance Notes:
Suggested Environment: Bedroom, Powder Room, Bathroom
Form: Liquid (Depending on the type of fragrances and every restock, color can vary by a little.)
Flash Point: >200℉ (>93℃)
Clear Blending with Perfume Base: YES

Please be cautious when handling fragrance oils as follows:
- Fragrance oils are highly concentrated 100% undiluted solutions and are not recommended to those sensitive to fragrances. May cause headache and/or irritations.
- Make sure to circulate air after blending wax and fragrance oils.
- Avoid long time inhalation and skin contact. Keep caps closed when not using.
- Keep away from children and pets.
- Do not dilute more than recommended level.
- Keep away from direct sunlight and fire.

*Please keep in mind all fragrance oils and natural essential oils can vary depending on your taste and, once purchased, are not eligible for refunds. This is Candleworks' policy to provide the purest form of fragances to every customer.