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Lazy Sunday Morning (Maison Margiela Type) 慵懶週日早晨

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The musk floral scent,
lazy Sunday Morning is Maison Margiela-type Fragrance
  can feel powdery and cool both at the same time.

On Sunday morning when I overslept,
  the subtle and gentle scent of The fresh morning air
that can feel in the cool breeze coming into the window,
the clean and cozy feeling of fabric softener under the soft blanket, and the warm sunshine

The white floral, which starts with Musk and leads to Rose and Iris, is attractive.
And the light touch and elegant and subtle feel continue.
Recommend to use it as a perfume, room spray, and diffuser.

Scent Strength*




Scent Heat Resistance*




Scent Lasting*




*Scent Strength: Scent Strength is a level of instant stimulus olfactory sensory. It is different from Scent Sustenance.
*Scent Heat Resistance Level: Fragrances with high Heat Resistance Level does not volatize even when wax’s temperature is high. Fragrances with low Heat Resistance Level tend to have a disadvantage against heat.
*Scent Lasting: Scent Lasting is determined by long remaining in the surrounding.

Fragrance Notes: Floral, Musk
Recommended Use: Perfume, Diffuser, Room Spray

Suggested Environment: Bedroom, Living Room, Powder Room
Form: Colorless~Yellow/Green liquid (There is a color depending on the fragrance and may vary slightly when worn.)

Flash Point: 185 ℉ (85 ℃)
Perfume Base available: YES
Jojoba Oil available: YES
Gel Wax available: YES

List of available items
Cleaning products: Soap (solid/liquid), body cleanser,
shampoo, conditioner, face cleanser, dish detergent, laundry detergent, etc.
Baby products: lotion, powder, wet tissue, etc.
Cosmetics: facial cream, color makeup, nail care, facial mask, etc.
Perfume and fragrance: solid/liquid perfume, diffuser, fiber deodorant, etc.
All non-skin contact products

List of unusable items
Cosmetics: lipstick, lip balm
Cleaning products: mouthwash, toothpaste

*This safety test is for verifying the safety of fragrance oil itself in contact with skin and is not a result of a compatibility test according to the properties of each application and a specific recipe. (Mixability and product deterioration, etc.)

Please be cautious when handling fragrance oils as follows:
- Fragrance oils are highly concentrated 100% undiluted solutions and are not recommended to those sensitive to fragrances. May cause headache and/or irritations.
- Fragrance oils are highly concentrated 100% undiluted solutions and are not recommended to those sensitive to fragrances. May cause headache and/or irritations.
- For products such as plaster air fresheners or perfume tags, do not contact other items directly and use tools such as clips or pockets to maintain proper distance.
- Depending on the individual, it can cause headaches and eye irritation.
- Make sure to circulate air after blending wax and fragrance oils.
- Avoid long time inhalation and skin contact. Keep caps closed when not using.
- Keep away from children and pets.
- Do not dilute more than recommended level.
- Keep away from direct sunlight and fire.

*Please keep in mind all fragrance oils and natural essential oils can vary depending on your taste and, once purchased, are not eligible for refunds. This is Candleworks' policy to provide the purest form of fragances to every customer.