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Half Moon Tablet Silicone Mold (4-Cavities)

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Size Width about 6.5cm, Length about 7.8cm, Thickness about 0.9cm (size of one tablet)
Material Silicone
- Reusable silicone tablet mold.
- Food grade top quality silicone approved by the US FDA.
* Making using wax
- You can express colors using fat-soluble liquid dyes, color blocks, and solid color chips.
- We recommend 1:1 blending of beeswax or PB wax with beeswax.
- There is a risk of discoloration if stored in direct sunlight.
* Making using plaster
- Plaster can express vivid colors by using pigment powder.
- Depending on the design and flavor of the mold, you can adjust the amount of water and olive liquid.
- It is not recommended to use CW Plaster Liquid when making plaster air fresheners.