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Golden Brands GW444 Soy Wax

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Country of Origin USA
Form Flake
Material Soybean oil + about 2% Vegetable Additives
Primary Use Container Candle, Tealight Candle
Recommended Wick Cotton Wicks, Smokeless Wicks, Wooden Wicks
Melt Point 120~125℉ (48.8~51.6℃)
Pour Temp
- Manufacturer’s Recommended Temperature: Approx. 51~56℃
- CW Recommended Temperature: Approx. 75~80℃
Fragrance Load 12%

- Longer burning time and less shrinkage than paraffin wax, making it easy to make wax.
- Made with 100% natural soy wax and soybean oil, which means cleaner burning and minimal soot buildup.
- Compared to other soy wax, the melting point is higher, so it is easy to use and manage candles in summer.
- Manufacturer's recommended proportion is around 9~11%, but with Candleworks fragrances, 14% will not affect the stability of the candles. (May vary depending on type of fragrance.)
- Due to its natural characteristics, recommended for those who are sensitive to artificial products.
- Surface after burning may be less even compared to other types of soy wax.