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Gel Wax MP (For Containers)

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Form Transparent and Soft Material (Lump)
Material Mineral Oil
Primary Use Floating Transparent Container Candles
Recommended Wick Uncoated Wick
Melt Point 90℃
Pour Temp 100℃
Fragrance Load 10%

- As the melting point and pouring temperature are high, using a pre-waxed wick may melt and the Gel Wax may become cloudy.
- Should you must use a pre-waxed wick (ex. Tealight Candle) allow the wax to cool down enough and place the wick inside. Otherwise, we recommend using a non-coated wick.      
- As Gel Wax is clear and non-polar, blending inappropriate polar fragrance oil may make the solution cloudy. 

Though OEM manufactured in China, we've selected top-notch quality material and therefore is very safe to use.

It's in the form of a clear and soft material,
Can make transparent container candle that are neatly packed and burned cleanly. ;-)**