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Electronic Hot Plate

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Size of Box: Length 21cm x Width 27cm x Height 8cm

Recommended Uses: To melt candle wax

Please keep in mind candle wax is flammable and after heated upto a certain point, it can catch on fire.
Please adjust hotplate to about 2~3 level to use.
**Keep away from children and pets.
**When not using, unplug to prevent any events of shortening.

To protect the coating of the hotplate, please heat upto 10 minutes for very first time. (after very first time use, you may use right away.)
Please note that any oil / wax drying on the hotplate can begin to dry and light smoke may occur. But this is perfectly normal, and after oil / wax completely dries off, there should be no more smoke.

**Any issues when using, please contact manufacturer for after service.