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Ecosoya Pillar Blend Wax

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Country of Origin UK
Form Flake
Material 100% Natural Vegetable Wax
Primary Use Pillar Candle, Taper Candle, Votive Candle
Recommended Wick White Cotton Wick, Smokeless Wick
Melt Point 75~80℃
Fragrance Load 10%

- Ivory-Beige tone. All natural soft pillar wax.
- Formulated using only 100% natural vegetable wax, mainly soy..
- The melting point and formula are the same, but the different origins and manufacturing regions of raw material may cause a slight difference.
- Glossy after finish, though sporadic frosting can occur.
- Ecosoya PB has the characteristics of natural wax with very low shrinkage. Therefore, when summer temperatures are high, they may not shrink and may not separate well from the candle mold easily. Please always use with mold release spray and mix Ecosoya PB with beeswax, Newsoy PB, etc. or refrigerate it for a while and desecrate it from the mold.