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Dessert Topping Deco Mold (17-cavities) 甜點配料裝飾模具(17腔)

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S – Diameter about 1~1.4cm
M – Diameter about 1.4~1.6cm
L – Diameter about 1.8~2cm

Material Silicone

- Silicone mold in the form of a variety of dessert forms.
- It is recommended to blend 160 MP Paraffin Wax or Beeswax with CW Newsoy PB Wax in a 1:1 ratio
- Recommended to use pigment chips in consideration of stains when coloring molds for decoration.
- Depending on the size of each piece, about 4.5g of wax is required to make one plate (17-cavities) with 0.18g, 0.3g, and 0.5g.


A dessert topping deco mold that can be expressed in various ways such as pretzel, doughnut, and cereal.

Small but dense desserts can show off more colorful charms depending on the color!

For decoration, it goes well with everything

Also, recommend using it for bakery candles!