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CW Creamsoy SB Wax

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Country of Origin Korea
Form Flake
Material 100% Natural Vegetable Wax
Primary Use Cream Formulation, Solid Perfume, Tart Melts
Recommended Wick Cotton Wick, Smokeless Wick
Melt Point 75~80℃
Pour Temp 65~70℃
Fragrance Load 10%

- Due to the nature of 100% natural wax, there may be slight color differences each time it is received.
- This is a special wax formulated to be suitable for making cream candles, solid perfumes, and tart melts.
- It is a wax blended using only 100% natural vegetable wax with soy wax as the main ingredient.
- Not recommended for making container candles or pillar candles.