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Botanical Shower (Aesop Type) 森林之浴

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Blended with...
Mandarin, sweet orange, eucalyptus
Rosemary leaf, lavender stems
Cedarwood Atlas, Peru balsam

A feeling of spreading citrus and herb scents Feel the natural herbal scent rather than a decorative fragrance. The fresh citrus and orange scents and rosemary leaves awaken the senses. As time goes by, the faint scent of cedarwood and wood resin fades away. This is a fragrance produced by referring to Lee*'s Resurrection scent.

Manufacture Origin: USA
Fragrance Notes: Aromatic Woody
Suggested Environment: Bathroom, entrance, living room
Recommended Use: Soap, room spray, and diffuser
Perfume base mixing is possible: YES
*Botanical shower has a higher reaction with perfume base than other fragrances, and filtering of precipitates is absolutely necessary.

Form: Liquid (Depending on the type of fragrances and every restock, color can vary by a little.)

Flash Point: >200℉ (>93℃)

Please be cautious when handling fragrance oils as follows:

- Fragrance oils are highly concentrated 100% undiluted solutions and are not recommended to those sensitive to fragrances. May cause headache and/or irritations.
- Make sure to circulate air after blending wax and fragrance oils.
- Avoid long time inhalation and skin contact. Keep caps closed when not using.
- Keep away from children and pets.
- Do not dilute more than recommended level.
- Keep away from direct sunlight and fire.

*Please keep in mind all fragrance oils and natural essential oils can vary depending on your taste and, once purchased, are not eligible for refunds. This is Candleworks' policy to provide the purest form of fragances to every customer.