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Bite of Biscuit Deco Mold (6-cavities) 一口餅乾裝飾模具(6腔)

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S – Diameter about 1.5cm, Thickness about 0.3cm
L – Diameter about 2.2cm, Thickness about 0.4cm

Material Silicone

- Silicone mold in the form of bite of biscuit.
- It is recommended to blend 160 MP Paraffin Wax or Beeswax with CW Newsoy PB Wax in a 1:1 ratio
- Recommended to use pigment chips in consideration of stains when coloring molds for decoration.
- Depending on the size of each piece, about 9g of wax is required to make one plate (7-cavities) with 0.9g, and 2.1g.

It's a one-bite biscuit deco mold

with three layers of biscuits and delicate details

that someone can't stand and bite.

Can use it as a regular brown biscuit
also use black Oreos in various ways..

For bakery candle, it goes well with everything

Even more lovely if put it on a mini cake or Gugelhoff mold.