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100% Pure Beeswax Sheet All Set (20 colors)

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Size: Beeswax Sheet Width 20cm x Length 20cm 
Size of the Package Box: Width 22.4cm x Length 21.4cm x Height 4.4cm
Weight App.: 37g per 1pc

Composition of a Set

Don't need any additional tools or materials. Enough length of wick is included in the set.
- Beeswax Sheet(1 sheet per each colors, total 20 sheets)
- Exclusive Package Box(10 sheets per a package box, total 2 boxes)
- White Cotton Wick #1 5m (5m x 2pcs = 10m, included inside each boxes)

**This is 100% pure natural beeswax**
Unlike beeswax sheets that are mixed with paraffin, it can be rolled easily to become a taper candle by heat of hands since the viscosity of 100% natural beeswax is alive.
(Though, using a heat tool is recommended in winter season.)
Square shape of Width, Length 20cm. Adjust the size freely by cut or paste.
The thickness of 1 sheet is about 3mm, about 2.5cm if roll it to make taper candle shape.